How to Use Your Cura Gear to Maximize its Benefits

How to Use Your Cura Gear to Maximize its Benefits

Oct 05 , 2021

Courtney Oarr

While our Cura gear is intended to carry your CBD items more conveniently, it also moonlights as a carryall for all of your odds and ends. Beyond CBD creams, lotions, oils, tinctures, edibles, water soluble vaporizers and raw hemp, here are a few other ways to maximize the benefits of Cura for everyday use!



Oils and Tinctures; Typically, liquid CBD oils and tinctures have a glycerin, alcohol, or oil base. With their easy to clean lining, Cura is the perfect accessory to stow them away to ensure a tidy clean-up for any unexpected leakage.

Creams and Lotions; Topicals, such as creams and lotions are excellent on the go products to store in your Cura gear and can be used for fast and efficient solutions to target pain relief.

Edibles, Vaporizers, and Raw Hemp; A primary concern in toting CBD edibles and vaporizers may be the odor and smell associated with the actual product. The majority of our Cura products come equipped with an aroma block zipper inside to keep the scent concealed. 



Makeup, Jewelry, and Face Masks; Cura is also ideal for storing your makeup and other beauty products given its low maintenance, easy to clean lining as well as its spacious roomy interior. With various compartments it is a faultless accessory to stow your collection of powders, liquids, brushes, jewelry, and face masks in! 



Balms, Smudge Sticks, and Crystals; Collectively within the wellness umbrella are common apothecary items such as natural balms, smudge sticks, and crystals. With spiritual, healing, and personal protection properties, these may be amongst the items you travel with day to day to maintain your headspace and stay Zen. 



Charging Cable and Small Portable Devices; There is no worse fear than rummaging around for your phone charger in the abyss of your handbag only to discover you have forgotten it at home. Use your Cura gear to keep charging cables, headphones, and small portable devices organized to ensure seamless travel.