Cura Men's Coming soon!

Cura Men's Coming soon!

Feb 16 , 2022

Courtney Oarr

With respect to the man who can hold his wallet, keys, crumbled receipts from a dinner three months ago, discarded gum wrappers, and phone all in one 9 by 6 inch pocket of his jeans, there are in fact other options to tote your most important essentials. Options that can actually aid in a more pleasant travel experience that reduces the inevitable pants sag effect we have all witnessed and tried to avoid grimacing at. 

Introducing Cura’s new men’s accessories, which are designed to combine efficiency with durability, and offer safe storage for everything from your loose CBD gummies to your loose change while never compromising on convenience or style. With its spacious interior you can keep all of your grab and go essentials organized and accessible. This will keep you from being the person holding everyone up at the airport security gate while you rummage around in your pockets for the drivers license you swore you grabbed before leaving from home. 

It is no secret that the savvy traveler knows it pays off to be well prepared, and with Cura’s men’s line, say goodbye to being that guy and hello to being that guy who is in on the joke and grimacing at that guy.