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      Cura Men's Coming soon!

      Cura Men's Coming soon!

      With respect to the man who can hold his wallet, keys, crumbled receipts from a dinner three months ago, discarded gum wrappers, and phone all in one 9 by 6 inch pocket of his jeans, there are in fact other options to tote your most important essentials. Options that can actually aid in a more pleasant travel experience that reduces the inevitable pants sag effect we have all witnessed and tried to avoid grimacing at. 

      Introducing Cura’s new men’s accessories, which are designed to combine efficiency with durability, and offer safe storage for everything from your loose CBD gummies to your loose change while never compromising on convenience or style. With its spacious interior you can keep all of your grab and go essentials organized and accessible. This will keep you from being the person holding everyone up at the airport security gate while you rummage around in your pockets for the drivers license you swore you grabbed before leaving from home. 

      It is no secret that the savvy traveler knows it pays off to be well prepared, and with Cura’s men’s line, say goodbye to being that guy and hello to being that guy who is in on the joke and grimacing at that guy.

      Traveling with Cura

      Traveling with Cura

      You’ve got your ticket, you’ve got your itinerary, but you’re missing the gear. What better way to celebrate the holiday season than with the delight of organized travel to ensure a seamless trip to wherever you plan to spend the holidays!

      Though even the most brief trip can be an opportunity to provide a moment of serenity from your daily life, it never hurts to bring your go-to self-care products along for the ride. Given the bevy of benefits CBD products offer, there is no doubt that bringing your favorites — be it your calming caramels or full-spectrum gummies — will only increase the quality of your travels and your mood, especially if you are flying coach in front of an expressive passenger.

      Cura enhances the travel experience by combining versatility and adventure for every type of traveler, check out our favorite travel styles below:


      POV: You Get to the Airport 5 Hours Early

      Cayman, Fiji - These are our essential styles for all things self care plus, they make the perfect pouch to stow away your passport, hand sanitizer and cell phone accessories in for easy access before, during, and after take off. Use it to say, I don’t pay extra for Pre TSA because I plan accordingly.


      POV: You Do a Full Skincare Routine In Flight

      Kyoto, St. Tropez - So, the best part of the trip for you is the actual flight? No judgement, we all find our zen in different ways. Enhance yours with our Kyoto and St. Tropez styles, the perfect accessories to stow your skincare in, along with your favorite CBD products, who knew luxury could be curated by way of an in flight movie and a little R&R a few thousand feet above land.


      POV: The Grumpy Traveler

      Corsica, Bermuda - You’re not usually like this, but you sprinted out of the house in rush hour traffic to get here on time only to find your flight has been delayed and you’ve left your earphones at home (this one hits a little close to home). Lucky for you our Corsica and Bermuda styles can help you avoid the same mishap this time around. These styles are ideal for holding your compact, survival items, like AirPods and Xanax.

      How to Use Your Cura Gear to Maximize its Benefits

      Store your CBD, CBD products, CBD storage

      While our Cura gear is intended to carry your CBD items more conveniently, it also moonlights as a carryall for all of your odds and ends. Beyond CBD creams, lotions, oils, tinctures, edibles, water soluble vaporizers and raw hemp, here are a few other ways to maximize the benefits of Cura for everyday use!



      Oils and Tinctures; Typically, liquid CBD oils and tinctures have a glycerin, alcohol, or oil base. With their easy to clean lining, Cura is the perfect accessory to stow them away to ensure a tidy clean-up for any unexpected leakage.

      Creams and Lotions; Topicals, such as creams and lotions are excellent on the go products to store in your Cura gear and can be used for fast and efficient solutions to target pain relief.

      Edibles, Vaporizers, and Raw Hemp; A primary concern in toting CBD edibles and vaporizers may be the odor and smell associated with the actual product. The majority of our Cura products come equipped with an aroma block zipper inside to keep the scent concealed. 



      Makeup, Jewelry, and Face Masks; Cura is also ideal for storing your makeup and other beauty products given its low maintenance, easy to clean lining as well as its spacious roomy interior. With various compartments it is a faultless accessory to stow your collection of powders, liquids, brushes, jewelry, and face masks in! 



      Balms, Smudge Sticks, and Crystals; Collectively within the wellness umbrella are common apothecary items such as natural balms, smudge sticks, and crystals. With spiritual, healing, and personal protection properties, these may be amongst the items you travel with day to day to maintain your headspace and stay Zen. 



      Charging Cable and Small Portable Devices; There is no worse fear than rummaging around for your phone charger in the abyss of your handbag only to discover you have forgotten it at home. Use your Cura gear to keep charging cables, headphones, and small portable devices organized to ensure seamless travel. 

      CBD, A Brief History of Who, What, and Why

      CBD oil, CBD bags, History of CBD

      If you are here, there is a high likelihood that you probably already know what CBD is, but chances are you jumped aboard the fad like the rest of us, in the wake of the celebrity craze, or gave in to targeted advertisements from niche wellness brands marketing both holistic, and creative solutions to navigating a healthy lifestyle. 


      CBD abbreviated for Cannabidiol, was discovered in Asia as far back as 1,000 years and was mainly infused into tea, however, the earliest use of it here in the United States- as we know it today- was not discovered until 1940 by a Harvard chemist. Despite growing awareness, CBD has only recently expanded into the commercial consumer market in the form of tinctures, oils, edibles, beverages, and supplements. 


      CBD is also the second most prevalent ingredient found in cannabis and is derived from the hemp plant. It does not cause a high given the small isolated trace amounts of THC (the main psychoactive compound found in cannabis) which is never included in the extraction of CBD. For this reason, it has achieved popularity as a safe and legal option offering therapeutic solutions to common maladies such as anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia.